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Mistress Isha: A party to remember, english

I was at a party (it was summertime, last July) and there were five Mistress’s at the party and 12 male slaves (and I was one of them).

All the Mistress’s were sitting on comfortable chairs on a circle in the garden and we slaves were all kneeled naked in a corner of the garden with a number written with a lipstick on our back. The Mistress’s were having some refreshing drinks and the slave were used as toilet when requested from the Ladies.

A Brief Encounter with Mistress Isha

I am kneeling in the corner, my nose pressed against the wall, as Mistress Isha has ordered. I can hear Her laughter and Her heels as She approaches me. I am told to face Her and I do. As I turn around, She slaps my face very hard. She does this not because I have done something wrong, but because She wants to. Mistress Isha always does whatever She wishes. And, that is the way I like it.

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